You can’t have a blog about Sri Lanka without a post on elephants. We have seen them in the wild, in an elephant orphanage, in a zoo, dancing, in parades, on trucks, on roads, at temples and at weddings. We have fed them and patted them, we never rode one, but we were given a hair from the tail of one for good luck, or special powers, or something cool.

IMG_6108IMG_0578 IMG_9452 IMG_9448 IMG_6147 IMG_6132 IMG_6077 IMG_6072 IMG_4959 IMG_3473 IMG_3469 IMG_3457 IMG_3451 IMG_3442 IMG_3433 IMG_3428 IMG_3418 IMG_3066 IMG_1417

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One thought on “Elephants

  1. Elephants always look so gentle when you take a close look at their faces, don’t they? But also like they’ve lived a thousand years already. And they can be really powerful too.

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