This is a blog about our trip to Sri Lanka Rwanda (now this makes me a blogger in the bloggersphere – so tech savvy). If you are expecting a modern day Ernest Hemingway merged with Annie Leibovitz, you will no doubt be overwhelmingly disappointed. If you are expecting some pics with a few short stories on our day to day experiences in Sri Lanka Rwanda then this will probably also disappoint, but hopefully you’ll see what we’re going for. Its got cool things like comment boxes so you can tell me that my head really does look like that mango Potato at the market or how my front foot cover drive overhead bicycle kick needs a bit more work, namely the overhead bicycle part. Anyway have a read while you enjoy a sensible level of humidity (actually the weather in Rwanda is perfect – be jealous)

The blog title is the most common question we got asked in Sri Lanka, which in most cases our answer was “yes”. For instance, our first lunch in Sri Lanka was spent sweating, crying and sniffling after we ate a flaming chilli in our curry. Everyone thought this was hilarious for some reason. Our tolerance didn’t improve. Now that we have moved to Rwanda we have decided to keep the blog name the same, mainly because we paid for it, but also because, um, we paid for it.  Maybe if we could be bothered we would change it to isthistoocarby. A meal here must contain 4 different sources of carbs, or its considered a snack.

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