Wedding Crashers

What the?

What the?

After work one day we got back to our apartment and there was a large group of people in the driveway all dressed up for a function. Making our way through the crowd we asked the building security man, Arul, what was happening. (Arul and I have the same level of language skills in both English and Tamil respectively so we work in one word answers and questions).

Me: What (points to the crowd)

Arul: Wedding.

Me: Who?

Arul: That man, son (points to a man getting on his motorbike)

On our way to the lift, I congratulated the man on the marriage of his son. “Thank you” he said, “but it’s not my son, it’s my daughter. If you are free, come to the wedding.”

“Sorry, what?” I said

“Yes it’s at 7pm, please come, its just down the road.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes you must come. Everyone in the building is coming. You must come. You will come?”

“Ahh ok sure, see you then”

And so a wedding for dinner it was. We scrubbed up and got into our best threads and went to the wedding center. When we arrived the official photos were being taken, and we were ushered in to have a photo with the bride and groom whom we had never met. We offered our congratulations and our awkward apologies for crashing their wedding. To which they awkwardly said it was ok whilst wondering who the hell we were. All round a pretty awkward exchange. We then were told to eat up and sat with the bride’s parents, exchanging pleasantries. Then everyone seemed to just head off and leave, so we joined the movement and went home. Random wedding invite. Tick.

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